The Words of Uriah Murrieta

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The fog creeps in like the warmth of your body against mine. I am the winds from the south that meet at the same time. Trembling and petting lead to rolling thunder. The clapping of my intrepid hands against your ass leads to an eager hunger. Our tongues wage war with no sign of an end. I wrap your legs around me and as your knees start to bend, you are lightning I am the rod that extends into you. I am relentlessly anticipating everything we’re about to do. Slowly but surely things begin to gain momentum. More clapping, more moisture, and no intervention. Flashes like lightning for every spank and every moan. Our bodies become numb, our hearts become one. Biting on your neck while tugging on your hair. Everyone will know that you and me were there.

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I love how you pick my nose, when you see that it’s running. I adore how you wear strange clothes; it don’t matter, you’re stunning. Whenever you sing to me, it’s the notes how they hit me. There’s no way to explain it, it’s just baby you get me. We’re so weird, they all know. There’s no sense of self control. All I know, is that you fit in my heart. Yeah, all of it. 

Sometimes the easiest truths to proclaim are held back by the most complex feelings of pride. However, time and time again people regret pride more often than the truths in their heart. There is nothing to be afraid about. Seize the moment.

There is this girl. No, excuse me, a Woman. She’s hides behind these walls that look more like ruins, I can definitely see in but I don’t bother assuming. I climb over the rubble and reach out to help her, only to find my hand on glass and no way to offer shelter. See, she’s an open book. You could read her word for word, but guys put her aside just like a Nook and it bothers me. As I stare inside I could see her crying and begging for help while I try to break in just hoping to get inside with no success. I must confess, I am a sucker for those who need saving but I am hardly there for saving. In fact her heart seems warm, I just might make myself a haven in it. Behind the ruins, behind the rubble. Behind the walls she put up because many other people just had to fuck up. I’m so into her, like a bee in a hive. I’d support her like the queen and zig zag my way through life just trying to make her happy. So I find myself the sharpest thing I can find. I had nothing but the quickest wit in my mind. I took a swing hoping that I would chip through the pane. But its thick I’d have to use something stronger than my brain. I tried to sing the highest pitch just to create a vibration. Perhaps I could use the frequency to cause the glass to break, but its no use. I fall to my knees and start to think this thing through. Then I remembered, it was the absolute truth. I felt my heart as it was pounding in my chest. Still staring at her, it was all I had left. Panting and breathing deeply as I was running out of breath. I let out three words that would shake any foundation. While other girls left, this was a different situation. I told her that I loved her and I’d love her to the grave. I told her that she was beautiful and to never ever change. I put my hand up to the window and at that moment to my dismay. My fingers fell through and I placed them to her face. I took a step closer. That’s when our lips began to touch. See, heart was the answer, while everything else wasn’t enough. Let this be a lesson. You could be prince charming, but it don’t make you a lover. I know you find this quite alarming. She just needed something deeper. Than shallow words could provide. She wanted someone with the courage to reach down deep inside. Past the tears and the hurt. Past the doubt of self worth. Past the feelings of insecurities. Past the simple immaturities. Past all the drama and the suffering. Yeah. You tried to impress her but there is no impressing her. Instead of showing off your whip, you should’ve stood right next to her. Hand in her hand, keeping the same pace with her. Maybe you woulda had her, instead of that distaste for her.

For once I feel invisible. Looked over like a rock on the path to success. People use me as a stepping stone but are hardly aware and I receive no recognition.

Sometimes I wish you could see me the way that I see you. Regardless, I still see you and even more so I feel you even when you aren’t here.

Sometimes it hard to be misunderstood. Its hard to be used. Its hard to be good. Its hard to find a reason to wake up the next morning. Its hard to know you’ll be lost with no direction. But its true how we learn that we don’t know what we had until its gone. But is that a proper excuse for leaving instead of righting the wrongs? Sometimes its hard to tell people how you feel. Its hard to know if what you feel is really real. I can see the scars and the bruises on my heart.

I am a boy. No excuse me, a man. With childish tendencies’, I’m far from perfect but what do you expect from me? I’m only in my twenties with my entire life before me, no wait. I take that back, because she left me. She left me because I let me become the epitome of a barber shop waltz on broken glass. Teasing Dangerous thoughts while I was being such an ass. Walking with my nose to the sky while I lacked any class. God, it happened so fast. God, why is that the case when it comes to the past?! One moment I was walking on sunshine, and now I’m on a grimey pathway, two blocks from the subway, trying to keep my strut strait and not worrying about a dinner plate. Fuck! Its so easy to fucking lose faith. If only I could’ve seized destiny but instead I am here being tormented by my fate…