The Words of Uriah Murrieta

It makes me feel important that you read my daily life story. Thank you.

Listen to me.

Live life like you want to. Because what you want can’t be any less selfish than the people who want you to live the way they want you to. Do you understand? I’ve lived my life being critical of people with controlling tendencies. Those who think they know what’s best for you but claim that everyone is unique. It’s quite a hypocritical thought if you ask me. But what do I know, I’m quite the hypocrite myself. With that realization, the choice is yours. 

Well, I guess I’m staying in the country because I can’t be too far from the ones I love. But I’ll definitely visit those kids next year. I made a promise I would go back.

Really really excited to be out of the country in a few days. It’ll give me some time to think and reflect, as well as meet some cool new people.

I’ll always wait for you and Ill always love you.

God, if you can hear me. Forgive me and please mend my life, our love, and her heart. We were happy but I let my depression get the best of me at times and it was so unfair to her. But lord, I know what we had was so much more than just arguing and bickering. It was full of life, laughter, and love. Now that I’ve seen the error of my ways Ill wait as long as I need to. Please if you can, show her that I’m not a big mistake and that I have potential to be a better man. I want to cherish and love her all the days of my life. Good or bad. I can’t do this without her.

This bridge is burned, or its crumbling.
I don’t know why, you can’t see it.
I’m sick of it.
You ignore the signs, that I’m giving you.
You try to hide, but I can see through.
Your disguise is as shitty as how you treat, how you treat me like a pair of shoes.
Kick me to the side, I’ll take you for a ride.
You see my eyes? The pain inside?
Well I’m sick, well I’m sick of how you see right through.
Now you are pissed at me.
Pissed off or so careless?
Well I’m walking away.
But I’ll still take it.

I love you

I love you and I’m sorry for the parties, getting drunk and always starting fights. Night lights are stars so bright that I lost all sight and passed out after yelling at you. I don’t remember much but your touch is a touch that I miss like a day that I missed my lunch. Keep in touch if you love me, if you care like you say. I’ll wait for you darling and if you won’t Ill walk away. There is this hole in my heart that belongs only to you. I’ve changed if you’ll look and realize that it’s true. Don’t be scared of the haters they just hate to see you sad. If you are happy with me then it could never be bad. But I love you and I’m sorry for the parties and always starting fights. The stars are lights for us tonight.

I’m hurt. I know nobody will read this, but I just need to seed this, and I’m starting to bleed its, not what I need, shit. Someone please tell me, where I went wrong, he went to a party, got drunk and he did speak, so many mean things, and it’s sad because he didn’t think, that he would flush away like a clogged up sink fixture. I guess he didn’t see things from the bigger picture. Now he’s thirsty but won’t drink, he’s starving but won’t eat, he’s sad but he won’t shriek, though he’s stays composed when he drives these roads like a self made sheikh but he’s really just broken like a dammed creek.

"I don’t need you. I just played the part. And you see boo, I just break your heart. I lied to your face, like a silent fart. I got you on my shoulder, like a winter sweater. I call the shots, just to make myself better. I won’t admit I’m wrong. I don’t make mistakes. Though I lied to your face and said I’d do what it takes."

What momma? You don’t care no more? After you told me you loved me before? You whispered in my ear that you don’t care if we fight. I told you that you lied and you proved me right. You’re wrong if you think that your ass is blameless. No matter what you do you can’t ever unstain this. But what you can do is follow through and just face this. I love you with my heart, I don’t care what they say kid. Momma, I’m fuckin fool. But it takes two to make a genius crew. And I promised you that I’ll always be true. Tell that to your friends and see what they do. 

Quit Treating Me Like A Fucking Fool by Band

Walking ‘round town with your diva attitude,

grabbing their attention with your hip tattoos.

I’m not impressed with your outward noise.

I’m not impressed by your slick decoys.

Jenny why don’t just admit the cold truth.

I’m not impressed by what you do.

Jenny why don’t you just commit and be true.

Quit treating me like a fucking fool. 

Quit treating me like a fucking fool.

Quit treating me like a fucking fool. 

You have a walk like it’s nobody’s business.

Wearing those heals like it’s a secret mission.

But I’m not impressed by what you wear.

You must do it hoping that I really care.

But you won’t break me. 

You won’t break me. 

No, you won’t break me.

Jenny fucking let me be. 

And quit treating me like a fucking fooll